Testimonial – Sheala (Victoria, BC)

I first went to see Anita Lawrence in 1999 for counseling for my panic attacks and anxiety disorder. With one session I was able to conquer my fears and could move about freely again, which I hadn’t been able to do for 10 years, despite numerous sessions with various doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as medications.

At my first visit with Anita I found out that she could channel people so when I was ready a few months later, she got me in touch with my son who had died at the age of 19 three years earlier. In this session, through Anita, my son told me where to look in his room for something very precious. Anita described the way to his room, his bedroom, and said that in his closet was a box or bag (she showed me what size) and that inside it was something for me from him. She said it was about the size of a medal of some sort. I ran home and looked where I was told to, but found nothing but a carry on bag of his with his old shoes inside, and a condom! We had cleaned out his closet and I was surprised that even these things were still in there.

So I gave up for the moment, but then later that evening it was still on my mind because everything Anita had told me fit so well. I took another look in his bag, since that was the only thing there, and this time I actually felt inside his old shoes and found a heart shaped pendant made of clay that he had made in Grade One. I had never seen it before and don’t know why he had kept it all those year, and why was it in his old shoes that would have been thrown out anyway? I knew that instant that this is what he wanted me to have. It was even painted his favorite color – green.

Since that time I’ve had many life changing sessions with Anita, and as the years go by she just gets better and better at what she does.

Almost all of my family and friends have consulted with Anita on important matters, and they are all amazed at Anita’s gifts.

Victoria, B.C.

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