Hypnotherapy is the use of a hypnotic trance in a therapeutic session. An altered state of consciousness (hypnotic trance) is induced in order to access subconscious information that may be useful for the client in understanding and modifying their behaviour.

Altered states of consciousness are a natural state of mind. Sleep, day-dreaming, remembering …. any activity where you are not completely in the here and now is an altered state of consciousness. Most adults can be hypnotized if they just relax allow it.

Hypnotherapists assist clients to:

  • improve mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health
  • gain insight
  • find new solutions
  • restructure old, restrictive, limiting ideas
  • intensify positive feelings and improve self-esteem
  • reduce or eliminate negative feelings
  • strengthen a sense of self-control
  • develop new, healthy habits
  • reduce or eliminate a symptom
  • discover initial causes of problems
  • re-educate and reprogram the sub-conscious mind
  • eliminate habits
  • interpret dreams

Hypnotherapy is useful for:

* pre- and post-operative stress reduction and enhanced healing * weight loss * smoking cessation * pain control * cancer treatments * insomnia * memory / learning / concentration * self confidence * stress reduction * performance enhancement * eliminating bad habits * natural childbirth

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