Past Life Therapy

Does a past life influence our present, every day lives? It is my belief that, yes, we are the sum total of all of the lives we have lived, and that soul memories of these lifetimes reside within us at the deep, subconscious level, rather like the data operating system (DOS) of a computer. Some of these memories can have a profound impact on how we operate in this lifetime, without our conscious awareness that it is happening. The objective, as a therapist, is to bring this information to waking consciousness where a client can then examine it and make clear choices as to how they wish to incorporate the information into their waking consciousness and their current incarnation.

Past Life regression is the use of a hypnotic trance (altered state of consciousness) which allows you to access soul journey information. It is by accessing this information that you can find out about past lives, future lives, and the time between lifetimes. The process unlocks doors in your mind to other times and other places when you walked this or other worlds in another body.

In a typical regression session you may:

* release trauma from a lifetime that could be affecting your current lifetime

* bring to awareness patterns that have affected past lives and your current lifetime

* become aware of karmic issues and release limiting agreements made in past lives, such as a vow of poverty.

* view past or current lifetimes from the perspective of one’s Higher Self and thus better understand one’s life purpose

* communicate with guides or master teachers

* contact your soul’s creativity that was experienced in other incarnations

* understand why you have chosen certain people to be in this incarnation with you Regression therapy is a powerful tool for bringing to light information from your soul’s journey to waking consciousness. Information can give clarity. And with clarity, new decisions and choices can be made for this lifetime.

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