Poul Dempster, Delta

Anita is not only an amazing woman but an extremely talented practitioner. It would be an injustice to try and describe her methods. But what I can say is that I’ve had the most profound benefits since I’ve began seeing her over the past year.

She’s opened up another world for me in terms of medicine and therapy that should be made accessible to everyone. I’m very opposed to the pharmaceutical path, so she has allowed me to deal with my issues in a very healthy and significant way. It’s a different approach. Very personal and specific for each client. Whether you want to dive in head first or take it slow and go step by step she will allow you to do so.

In conclusion, she’s helped me immensely. More than anyone has been able to before. I will continue to see her as long as she’s practicing! Do yourself a favour and book an appointment if you’re struggling. You will not be disappointed!

Poul DempsterDelta